Graphic Designs

Ikea / BIC / Garden Ridge / United colors of Benetton / Vodafone / Miss Sixty / Walmart / Broadway / Motorola / Moov / Movistar / Virgin mobile / MTN

Brand / Design & Creative Impulse
With years of experience i have developed a keen sense in understanding branding and advertising campaigns. This strategy is more commonly used by top brands around the world and have been succesful in reaching out to the media and communicate the values they are trying to send. With care for details and dynamic approach in visual designs gave me the advantage to be able to send my message.

Graphic Design & Art projects
I live for graphic designs! I spend almost 10 hours a day for 10 years doing nothing but graphics. Any design is limitless for me, there is always a solution for every problem made I like challenges and pursue a solution on every design.